Should we be Afraid of seeing dead people?

By on March 22, 2015
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Michael Bodine, Psychic to the stars is often asked questions about his gift and talents and his frequent eerie encounters with the after-world. Some of our readers wanted to know…

Q: Where does one’s “psychic ability” come from?
Michael: This question is asked all the time and depending on who you ask, the answer is complicated. Some say it’s a curse, so therefore it comes from a dark place. Others say it’s a blessing so, it comes from God. For me the answer is simple, all things come from god, athletic ability, artistic ability, psychic ability. How’s it possible to paint a haystack so beautifully that people come all over the world just to see it? How can a person teach an unreachable child? And how can a person accurately tell you your future, when they don’t even know you? Growing up, as a psychic I was taught, just like any other natural gift you might have,you had to exercise your abilities, you had to practice over and over, do reading after reading before you could actually do a professional one. The thought being it was something you worked on no matter how gifted you might be. You needed to learn the nuances that came with it, the meaning of the symbols and colors and words. So in my world I didn’t see it as a special gift, it was just something I was kind of good at I needed to develop

Q: Do you actually see dead people in their original body or is it just a shadow or a form or mist that appears?
Michael: In my experience, ghost come in all shapes and sizes. I’ve seen heads, half bodies, full bodies, body parts. I’ve seen lights, bright lights dull lights little lights big lights. Depending on how strong the spirit is the clearer the image. For me the most unsettling thing I’ve seen was a white bony hand reaching out to grab me. I was on a ghost-busting, end of the night when I went into the bathroom to put cold water on my face. I looked in the mirror then down at my hands and there was the hand reaching for me, I pulled my hand away and told it to get the hell away from me I was taking a break. It disappeared.

Q: Can people invite an evil presence into their home by performing seances or other rituals?
Michael: As I was growing up and we were learning about the dos and the don’t of psychic development, we learned that certain things attracted negative earth bound spirits. Things like Ouija boards and amateur seances attracted spirits who were board, lonely and tended to do things like turn off lights and make things move, just to get a reaction from the people who were using them. The weren’t necessarily evil, more like jerks you knew when you were growing up. But, people tend to be drawn to that at first because it’s dramatic and fun and kinda spooky but the problems came when you were finished playing with whatever you were playing with, the spirits you called upon wouldn’t leave. We were told we needed to burn Ouija boards and not do seances unless it was with a professional so we could avoid the dark side.

A moment inside of Michael’s Private Thoughts

Back in the stone age, when I was 20, I dated a girl who’s only joy in life seemed to be ripping my heart out, eating it in front of me and smiling as I passed out gasping for breath. So tormented by this she devil I sought the counsel of my mothers best friend, a female medicine women named white feather.
White feather, for me was not the easiest person to talk to, her Idea of fun was sitting in a 105 degree tee pee naked, smoking a long wooden pipe and discussing the affairs of the day with her dead relatives. But she was kind and she was wise and the closest person I knew to a living Gandhi.
Before I could get into my tale of pain and woe, she asked me to sit down and listen, she had a story to tell. She went on to say that there was this brave, a warrior who according to the tribe, had, had it all. A happy wife, a strong son, and a prized stallion the whole community admired. One day his beautiful horse broke his reins and fled the village and the whole community said oh no, his luck has changed, surely this is a bad sign. When asked about this the brave simply said, yea maybe it has. A week later his horse returned and with his horse came 7 beautiful mares, all the envy of the village. Surely he’s blessed, said the tribe and when told how lucky he was, the brave simply replied “yea maybe I am.”
Another week passed and the braves young son was training in one of the new mares when he fell off the horse and broke his leg. Oh no, said the village, his bad luck has returned, he must be cursed. When asked, the brave replied “yea maybe I am”. Shortly after, a war broke out with a rival tribe and many young braves were killed or wounded but the braves sons broken leg prevented him from going on the war party and therefore was sparred. And once again the village told the brave, how lucky and fortunate he was and with that the brave replied yea maybe I am.
White feather never told me her thoughts on her story, rather leaving it up to me, to come up with my own interpretation. But as time went on and issues came up I would always go back to her story and remember. Things do change, and I yes maybe I can.

Admittedly sitting down with Michael to get to know and understand his gifts and talents when it comes to the “other world” was beyond interesting. Let’s just say that we have opened our eyes to the possible AND to the seemingly impossible. Objectivity is everything, so thanks Michael for giving us a glimpse into the world of the unknown. 10850280_755644621189919_6753962940568789626_n

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