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By on February 23, 2012
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It is a new artist’s dream to grace the cover of magazines, perform at sold out shows and become a household name. With the ever- changing, unpredictable world of music many find that it is always a challenge to make a breakthrough in the industry. In this column, I will be featuring some of the best and fresh new faces to enter the music scene. So, make sure to check in every month to see who’s be ing put ‘ON BLAST’!

Coming straight out of Atlanta is a soulful singer named DeLise who describes her music as a mixture of Smooth Jazz, Latin infused, Neo- Hop with an ‘old school’ feel. Here is what she would like to share with YOU, her audience.

ON BLAST: Greetings DeLise! How does it feel to be the first new artist featured ‘ON BLAST!’?
DELISE: I feel blessed! This is my first indie artist interview so that makes you and the staff super special to me!

ON BLAST: Well, it’s an honor. Thank you for the opportunity. How would you describe yourself?
DELISE: I find myself to be very artistic, thoughtful, kind and protective. There are times when I feel pensive, which allows me to become more creative through my songwriting.

ON BLAST: Why did you decide to become an artist?
DELISE: I always knew that I wanted to share my talent of singing with the world. It is my true source of joy. Everyone benefits from real, meaningful music.

ON BLAST: How do you come up with new material?
DELISE: A ‘gift’ would be the only way to describe it. When I hear melodies in my head I grab something to record them and write the lyrics as they come.

ON BLAST: What’s your first single?
DELISE: At this time, there are actually three songs that I’m deciding from; “Wondering”, which speaks on be- ing in a relationship with no defining guidelines. Then, there’s “Get Out, Stay Out”, which is inevitable in rela- tionships. The last one is a feel good joint entitled “Like Wine”. I was contacted by DJ GSlyde of 6Five Entertain- ment after he heard this track. Hence, my move to Atlanta to pursue my music.

ON BLAST: Who have you worked with in the past?
DELISE: I’ve had the pleasure of recording with John Sangster, former Al Green saxophonist. A famous pro- ducer that is currently on tour with Justin Timberlake who produced the tracks ‘Dream’ and ‘Realized’ on my CD. Recently, I met with Larry Dotson of the Bar-Kays about a future project. And, as a child, I began making music with the now great blues artist Sheba Potts Wright. We knew back then we were destined to become art- ists at the young age of 6 years old.

ON BLAST: What projects are you working on now?
DELISE: I am currently in rehearsal to perform as the live band for author Sharon Fox’s “Healthy Living” Show to begin production March 30, 2012. I’m scheduled to be interviewed by KCEP radio, Power 88.1 FM in Las Vegas in May 2012. Also, I will be performing at the wedding for the sister of Sgt. Caroline Mason of the televi- sion series ‘First 48’.

ON BLAST: If given the opportunity to portray someone famous in a biography who would it be and why?
DELISE: Sade. She has a story that a lot of people have been waiting to hear about. There is such a deepness that she expresses through her music. I would love to explore what motivates her.

ON BLAST: What advice would you give to inspiring artists?
DELISE: 1) Make sure you copyright all of your original material, 2) Take advantage of the ‘exposure’ gigs, 3) Treat others fairly, 4) Know where your blessings come from, 5) Learn from your mistakes, 6) Step out of the shadows, 7) You ARE the cream of the crop, so RISE! And, most importantly, remain humble.

ON BLAST: Where can fans buy your music?

DELISE: My songs are available for download on ITunes, Google Market, Amazon.com and www.BuyMyMusicDeLiseTMGArtist.com.

ON BLAST: What social media sites are you on?
DELISE: I can be found at www.youtube.com/user/delisetmgartist1?feature=guide, Facebook under TMG Artist DeLise Twitter me @DeLise,TMG Artist , Reverbnation under DeLise ,TMG Recording Artist. My website is www.delisetmgartist.com.

ON BLAST: Any special ‘shout-outs’?
DELISE: Yes, a very special thank you to my dad, ‘froggie’ and in memory of my mother, Mary Stewart Har- rison; R.I.P 5/9/46 – 3/17/10. Author Sharon Fox, Lydia and Kevin King of TRU Magazine, Juan of the “Healthy Living” Show, 6Five Entertainment, World Wise Noise Entertainment, All Ova Town and Chris Brown’s Spot Light Entertainment. To my ‘frams’, a term that I use to describe family and close friends, I absolutely know that without you there’s no DeLise! I appreciate all the outpouring of love and support!

Music Columnist for ON BLAST, Tracy Logan STAY TRU! 

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